The following table is a listing of all the available trainers.
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Title IDcode Name Other Title
Fide Trainer  5300118  Eid, Fadi FT
Fide Trainer  4628250  Khairallah, Faisal FT
Fide Instructor  5301874  Akhrass, Roland FI
Fide Instructor  5301947  Bedrossian, Jacques FI
National Instructor  5302056  Khairallah, Elias NI


Scope / Mission

FIDE Trainer (FT)
a. Boost international level players in achieving playing strengths of up to FIDE ELO
rating 2450.
b. National examiner.

FIDE Instructor (FI)
a. Raised the competitive standard of national youth players to an international level.
b. National examiner.
c. Trained players with rating below 2000.

National Instructor (NI)
a. Raised the level of competitive chess players to a national level standard.
b. Instructed/trained players with rating up to 1700.
c. School teacher.

Developmental Instructor (DI)
a. Spread the love for chess among children and methodically bring them to a
competitive level.
b. Instructor for beginners, elementary, intermediate and recreational level players.
c. School teacher.